More Funny Poems About Life

More funny poetry about the trivialities, improbabilities and impossibilities of life from the pen of contemporary English poet Paul Curtis.


Why should anyone want to return for a school reunion and face the horrors that they spent their formative years trying to escape. Why indeed!

The Thirteenth Sign

The 13th sign of the zodiac is a very special and rather modern star sign reserved for babies born under very special circumstances.


When I had a rather lowly administrative job I used to delight in starting letters 'Dear Sir or Madman'. Nothing to do with the poem, which is about mothers-in-law, or rather the author's particularly sweet and endearing mother-in-law.

I Won't Let It Change My Life

A poem about the absurdity of playing the lottery.

Goodbye Childhood

A comic poem about growing old or more precisely and more frighteningly, the realisation that what is reaching middle age.

Two Black Eyes

A slightly risqué poem about the fate that befalls a man who goes to the aid of a damsel in distress.

Your Not Perfect, But You'll Do

What begins as an apologia on behalf of males of the species for their inability to understand women, somehow turns into a thinly veiled attack on womanhood.

I'm Celibate You Know

The youth of America has recently embraced celibacy, which is fine if it gets you on national television.

Walk Abroad

A globetrotting poem which returns ultimately to the obsession shared by all Englishmen, whether at home or abroad.

Way Back When (2)

Nostalgia and hysteria collide in a poem which has some seriously sexist overtones.

Acumen And Women

A poem which is superficially about shopping, but is really about the gaping chasm that divides the sexes when it comes to decision making.