Destructive Little Buggers

A poem about one of the less pleasant aspects of gardening, the slimey, slithering slugs and snails that munch their way merrily through your vegetation.


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Scene of the Slime

Now yesterday I planted out
My annuals in a bed laid out
I went to take a look today
But find my annuals gone away
What evil in my garden walks?
All I see are marigold stalks
Now I see the trails of slime
I know who did this awful crime
Not creepy crawlies or even bugs
But evil little snails and slugs
You cannot poison them they say
That isn’t nice there’s another way
Grit or egg shell on the trail
Or little cups of beer or ale
But I’m not one to treat them nice
They will pay the ultimate price

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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