Sugar and Spice

A revelatory poem about the true nature of womankind. Never apologise and never explain is a mantra Paul might consider adopting to avoid a lynching by the militant feminist brigade.


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In more naïve times
When I was young
I was raised to think that
“What little girls were made of”
Was sugar and spice
And all things nice

What an eye opener
When finally you grow up
And you move in with one
Tampons, pantie liners
Feminine freshness
Lack of bladder control
Pre Menstrual Tension
Mood swings and flushes
These were secrets
Best kept that way
We’re constantly bombarded
With information we don’t want
Or need, in TV commercials
And in newspaper full page ads
Never inflicted on our dads

In times of more awareness
Now I am older
I now know better
“What little girls are made of”
Feminine itching
And moaning and bitching

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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