Types of Poetry

The types of poetry section is not a learned discourse on poetic form and style, but rather an attempt to provide an alternative classification and cross referencing system for Peculiar Poetry and its sister site, Funny Poems for Children. Whilst most visitors to the site are simply looking to read a few funny poems or love poems to while away an otherwise dull moment, a significant minority are looking for a poem for a specific purpose. The alternative system of classification concentrates not on the subject or theme of the poem, but on the occasion, event or person for whom it might be relevant.

Finding Particular Types of Poems

If you're looking for a funny wedding poem for a best man's speech, a valentine's poem to woo the one you fancy (or repel the unwelcome advances of someone who fancies you), or a funny Christmas poem to amuse the family, you'll find that the types of poetry section may offer a short cut to the poems you're looking for. The search facility, found at the bottom of the side bar on each page, may provide an equally quick and efficient way of achieving the same end.

A Work in Progress

The aim is to build types of poetry over the course of a year (or perhaps two), so as to provide sections for:

Holiday Poems
Encompassing poems relating the major religious and secular festivals and holidays during the course of the year - Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas et al.
Special Occasion Poems
Poems for events or special occasions which by their natures occur on different dates for different individuals - births, birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, funerals
Poems for Special People
In the category of special people, I include relatives, friends and lovers for whom you might be looking for that special poem.

I have started with Christmas poems in the the holiday poems section, which will then fill up as the year progresses with selections of poems appropriate for the holiday to be celebrated.

A Word of Warning

Peculiar Poetry is the work of two part-time poets, so it is inevitable that the poems will not cover every event and eventuality imaginable. However, the collection is being added to regularly and it may be that although there isn't currently a poem suitable for your second cousin celebrating her third termination, there may very well be one in the future!

Poetry by Age Group

The concept of poetry by age group falls outside the scope of the alternative use-based classification system, but is an important adjunct in that it explains the suitability of the poems in the Peculiar Poetry and Funny Poems for Children collections for different age groups of readers.