Strange Superstitions

A poem about the toils and tribulations of being miscast, or perhaps downcast, in a Shakespeare play.


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The Scottish Play

They said, you're in the Scottish play, I said, you mean Macbeth?
They said, don't ever say its name, you're only tempting death,
I said, OK, what is the part, Macbeth or just Macduff?
They said, well, no, it's just Third Witch, which seemed a little rough.
I said, Third Witch, that's all I got, for all my toil and trouble?
They said, look here, there are good lines, and matinees pay double.
I said, perhaps, but I'm not sure, they answered, quick, just sign,
Here is your contract, pen you name, you'll like the part just fine.
And so I donned my witch's hat, and poured frogs in a pot,
It might be mainstream Shakespeare, but at least my reviews are hot.

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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