Whither Twitter?

A poem questioning the ultimate purpose of Twitter is bound to divide it's audience. Responses of less than 140 characters will be ignored!


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I am a plain and simple man, I am not mad or bitter,
But I have to ask you, honestly, what's the bloody point of Twitter?
A hundred million geeky nerds, a million abbreviations,
A daily flood of gibberish without bounds or reservations,
I'm all for super-brevity, you'll not find me verbose,
But a hundred and forty characters, that is a meagre dose,
So don't send to me your hash tags, for I cannot, will not, tweet,
I'll just say what just needs saying, I don't care if that's not neat,
And please put down your cell-phone, your i-Pad stash and stalk,
And if you need to contact me, well, why don't you just talk?

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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