Starter for Ten asks the sort of question to which there are no real answers. Not philosophical questions, but the left-field questions that small children ask to undermine parental authority.


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Starter for Ten

Who split the atom and what was wrong with it whole?
Who killed the dinosaur and invented the vole?
Where do you find rainbows and where do rainbows end?
And why do small children drive you round the bend?

Why does it only rain up in Scotland and why do onions make you cry?
Why is water always wet but ginger ale always dry?
Why are there less days in April than there are in May?
And how come it’s grass one week then suddenly it’s hay?

Why is Superman bendy when he’s the man of steel?
Who invented castanets, the i-pod and the wheel?
Why is firewire never alight and clothes horses never in stables?
And why is there an Anne but no Clarkes in the House of the Seven Gables?

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