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Tipping his hat to George Orwell's 1984, Max acknowledges that the novel was right in all respects except its chronology.


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1984: Orwell Go It Wrong

They're reading all our email, they're censoring what we say,
And there's posters on the hoardings saying they're watching us today,
And if you're poor or sick or foreign, if you're weak or not too strong,
Welcome to the year fourteen – for Orwell got it wrong!

Yes, Big Brother's now in power, though we never put him there,
Although Amazon and Starbucks don't find him hard to bear,
He's filtering money from your wallet, of that you can be sure,
But when we catch him at it, well, he simply blames the poor.

He's got the papers in his pocket, or maybe he's in theirs,
He hates anyone who's foreign, and anyone who cares,
And he says that he is watching you, what, is it 1984?
No, Orwell got his dates wrong, the impoverished masses roar.

So R.I.P. democracy, we loved you while you lasted,
Though now you're being stored away all battered up and blasted.
We were a land of quite industry, that used to be our song,
But now we're simply peasants, yeah, did Orwell get it wrong!

For though old Georgie saw it coming, he didn't do the math,
And it took another thirty years to really feel the wrath,
Of government by businesses behind Big Brother masks,
And they're selling all our secrets and nobody even asks.

We're in debt up to our eyeballs and we're running out of food,
So should we vote the buggers out?  I really think we should,
So let's say no to Rupert Murdoch, that media King Kong,
And stamp out the bloody lot of them, 'cause Orwell got it wrong.

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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