Fantasy Meets Reality

A poem for readers of a certain age, who spent their childhoods with noses glued to the latest comic book, but who subsequently remembered to grow up.


Literary Funny Poems


Funny Poems about Literary Life


Comic Book Heroes

Dream makers, Heart breakers,
Super heroes, No-hope zeros,
Batman, Tatman,
Catman and Fatman,
Spiderman, Ciderman,
Beerman, Queerman,
Pinkman, Stinkman,
Perfume bottle Finkman,
Heartbreaker, Widow-Maker,
Stock-taker, Cum-faker,
Hot Babes, Sex Slaves,
Warrior Queens, Baked Beans,
Blam Blam, Wham Slam,
Sock Pow, What a row,
Screeching Brakes, Chiffon cakes,
Sea Monkeys, Cute Funkies,
Be the first one on your block,
Get your Raygun out of hock,
Alice bands, Scissor hands,
Foreign Lands, Burning Sands,
Frankenstein, Lichtenstein,
Robert Crumb, Show’s Yer Bum,
Little Nemo, Remé Zero,
Many looks,
Comic books.

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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