Colour Blind

A convoluted exchange is sparked between poet and his publisher because of the subtleties of colours and their meanings.


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An Outspoken Poem

I wrote myself a poem, my publisher liked it fine,
Except for the word orange, that featured in line nine,
I said, what's wrong with orange?  He said, it's almost red,
Please stick to grey or neutral, my publisher, he said.

Can I use the colour purple, I asked, a mite perplexed,
Well, once, but don't get zealous, or sound too over-sexed,
We convey sex with a colour, I said, and he said, yes,
No shades of black or scarlet, and never on a vest.

And will you run this poem, I asked, no ifs or buts,
And he smiled and said, of course, my dear, if you OK the cuts.

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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