If you believe that blogging is an exercise in navel gazing, then a poem about a blogger's self-absorption and introspection is heaven sent.


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Midnight Blogger

I sat up late this evening by the yellow candle light,
My blog, it must be written up, before the end of night,
My readers 'wait me anxiously, they need to hear my thoughts,
Because I am their leader, their guru chap, of sorts.

So please to listen closely, here is my blog d'jour,
I had a plate of beans for tea, with ketchup, that's for sure,
My toast was brown and toasty, not pallid white or burnt,
I've studied my old toaster and its evil ways I've learnt.

For I am a lonely Blogger, quite complacent, never bitter,
When I have the hordes of Facebook, Blogit, Stumble On and Twitter,
So goodnight, my loyal subjects, I'm heading off to bed,
No more to share with you, my friends, the secrets of my head.

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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