Spectator Sport

A quintessentially English poem about that most popular of pastimes, people watching.


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People Watching

What I like to do while I am waiting
Is indulge in some people watching
Young Turks all suited and booted
Business types are pin stripe suited
Old aged women dressed in tweed
And middle aged men going to seed
Or loud teenager’s baseball capped
And naughty kids with hands slapped
A smart young man with shaven face
A pretty young girl in a top of lace
Balding heads show above headrests
Bra-less students without their vests
Some read tabloids or broad sheets
While some doze quietly in their seats
Wow a girl bends over in tight jeans
Eyes look above books and magazines
It’s the little things that entertain
It all helps when traveling by train
It’s just a shame we haven’t moved yet
But they’ll have a good excuse I bet
The wrong snow, leaves on the rails
Or frozen points or some other tales
Valid reasons maybe in there own way
Its just that today is a lovely June day

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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