A Disturbed Mind

A poem about the failings of plastic surgery to produce a desirable outcome. Instead, the poem proposes a radical alternative which has a compelling logic, but would it really appeal to people?


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It’s The Wrong Way Round

Plastic surgeons think themselves Gods
As they try to turn back the clock
I think plastic surgery is nonsense
Trying to hold back the ravages of time
By nipping and tucking
And implanting and enhancing
It is an exercise in futility
People who have face lifts
Don’t look younger
Just permanently surprised
The medical profession
By trying to preserve aging flesh
Is approaching the problem
From the wrong direction
Would it not be better?
To transplant the brain
Of a mature man or woman
Into the body of a vacuous teenager
Then you could have fabulous sex
Followed by great conversation

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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