A Rhyme in Rhyming Slang

A poem written largely in Cockney rhyming slang. It is funny and sexually explicit if you're able to decipher the lingo and quite impenetrable if you can't.


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Funny Poems about Sex


Cockney Courting

A Very Nice Boat Race
Barnet Fair Blonde
And Army And Navy
Great Long Ham And Eggs
Right Up To Her Blade Of Grass
Firm Flat New Delhi
And Big Threepenny Bits
The Knowing Look In Her Mince Pies
Stirs My Hampton Wick
We Head Up The Apples And Pears
To The My Uncle Ned
I Remove Her Early Doors
To Cop A Butchers Hook
At Her Jack And Danny
Then Get Her On Her Biscuits And Cheese
Taking Her From The Hammer And Tack
For A Quick Donald Duck

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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