Funny Poems for Teens and Adults

To describe the Peculiar Poetry collection as adult poetry would make you think the poems were an uninterrupted successions of innuendo and filth. Adult and teen poetry only worsens the situation, adding the prospect of self-absorbed poems about teenage angst, self-abuse, spots and suicide. The reality is that Peculiar Poetry is at heart a collection of short funny poems for teenagers and adults, which whilst not unremittingly adult in its nature, but is most certainly not suitable for under 12s.

Adult Poetry

As the author, I would have liked Peculiar Poetry to be viewed as a varied collection of funny poems for adult audience, which happens to contain a few rude or explicit poems interspersed amongst a large number of wholesome humorous poems. Sadly, this approach did not suit the majority of readers, who fell into one of two camps. Some really were looking for poems which offered an unremitting diet of filth and didn't like having to wade through all of clean funny poems to find them. Other found that there reading pleasure was seriously diminished if they were progressing through a selection of light, humorous and wholesome poems and were suddenly confronted by a poem about smegma or vaginoplasty.

The Happy Medium

The poetry collections have therefore been reorganised to try and overcome these problems. The poems that might be considered extreme in either their subject matter, language or use of graphic imagery are now arranged in three special sections within their respective collections. Patrick Winstanley's funny poetry contains a collection of rude poems which focus on the anatomical, medical and scatological, but which are likely to leave unwary readers bemused rather than outraged. Within Paul Curtis' funny poetry collection is a selection of dirty poems, which are perhaps best though of as being akin to extremely dirty jokes - not overtly shocking, but containing expletives and touching on some disturbing subject areas. Finally, Max's poems are on the whole obliquely and charmingly dirty, although the nonsense collection contains some rather more explicit sex poems.

Teen Poetry

The term teen poetry conjures up almost as many preconceptions as adult poetry. If you search for teen poetry on the internet, many of the sites returned have strap lines along the lines of ''Teen Poetry - poems for teens, written by teens' and contain the sort of introspected, teen issue related poems alluded to in the introduction.

Peculiar Poetry is never going to be a teen poetry site in that mould, not least because the authors are far too old. However, it is my belief that Peculiar Poetry is suitable for most teenagers and contains much for teens to enjoy, including a surprising number of poems which focus on teen issues and concerns. Clearly younger or more sensitive teenagers should proceed with caution, as there are a few poems which have the potential to embarrass, disturb or shock both teen and adult readers.