More Funny Wedding Poems

A further selection of funny poems about engagements, weddings, marriage and divorce. There are a couple of poems which would be ideal for a best man's speech, provided that both the bride and the bride's mother are blessed with a sense of humour.

Wedding Super

A funny poem offering two comic book super heroes advice on how to behave after their marriage.

Taking Issue

A henpecked husband complains about the treatment he receives from his unsympathetic wife.

She Who Must Be

A bitter-sweet verse which gives voice to the feeling accompanying the three phases of relationships, from initial infatuation, through marriage to divorce.

A Deep Desire

A funny poem about dreams of uxoricide. If you're not quite sure what uxoricide means, it'll be quicked for you to read the poem than for me to explain.

The Candy Man

While marriage can be the making of a man, it can also be the slippery slope to self-destruction.

Wedding Vow

A short funny poem about marriage which sounds as though it could be the translation of a Eastern European folk saying. Wedding Vows would be ideal for a best man's speech, provided that bride is at least something of a looker.

Confessions Of A Hooker

A funny wedding poem on a sporting theme. Again, this is a poem which is eminently suitable to use in a best man's speech, but it might be as well to check that the bride doesn't have history.

Are You Wearing A Fascinator?

A fascinator sounds much more fascinating than it is…

Never Again

Appropriately to end the marriage poetry section, a short, cynical poem on the subject of divorce.