A dirty funny twisted Christmas poem with triple somersault and half twist. If you're suffering from adjectival overload, read the thing and all will become clear.


Christmas Poetry


Christmas Dirty Poems


Christmas Turkey

Laid naked on the kitchen table
White flesh from leg to breast
A Christmas bird to be enjoyed
My table was truly blessed

I set about the job in hand
Getting the bird prepared
And by using all my expertise
No effort at all was spared

Having greased the old bird well
The meaty legs spread wide
And I began to stuff the bird
I was really in my stride

When the bird had been well stuffed
It lay resting on the cooker
Smelling of sage and onion
The bird really was a looker

Then I looked up at the kitchen clock
Panic filled me and I began to fret
I shouted to my wife “quick put you pants on”
I haven’t prepared the turkey yet

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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