A Night on the Toon

Alcohol fuelled encounters on a Saturday night are the focus of Paul's frank poem about going out of the pull. The final couplet, It’s the short dumpy bird gets the bloke in the end speaks volumes about the ability of alcohol to cloud both judgment and vision.


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Partying Or Clubbing

Saturday night on the town
Either partying or clubbing
The object to get someone into bed
Some sights turn you on
Some just turn your stomach
While others turn your head

Long legged fillies
With a skirt so short
It’s little more than a belt
Loose gaping blouses
And breasts unrestrained
Looking like they’ve just been felt

When alcohol takes over
People are then attracted
To all that comes into view
The good looking and the fit
Say they never bed an ugly partner
But they wake up with a few

Each long slender beauty
Has a man on her arm
Or a short dumpy friend
As alcohol slowly takes its toll
It’s the short dumpy bird
Gets the bloke in the end

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved