Dib, Dib, Dib

A refreshingly different poems about the scout movement which is in turn funny, dirty and reassuringly heterosexual.


Rude and dirty poetry


Dirty poems


Scout About

What became of
“Brussel Sprouts”
Also know as
Good boy scouts

Dib, Dib, Dib
Dob, Dob, Dob
Eagerly helping
Doing bob a job

Ging Gang Gooley
And Kum Ba Ya
Traditional singing
Around the camp fire

What became of
Good boy scouts
There still out there
I have no doubt

But they’re not doing
Bob a jobs
They are behaving
Like yobs

And instead of helping
Like they oughta
They’re in the scout hut
Doing your daughter

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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