Too Much of a Good Thing

Whether you enjoy the poem, you'll certainly expand your knowledge of onanistic euphamisms. Game of pocket billiards, anyone?


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The Priapic Youth

The priapic youth
Has a sexual obsession
He thinks about sex so much
He has a permanent erection

Even when it stands at ease
He will still have a semi on
And he will produce semen
Sufficient to fill a demijohn

Every thing in his life
Will turn on the priapic youth
To such an extent he is
Preoccupied with self abuse

A glimpse of a girl's neck
Is enough to get him randy
Then it's out with the old chap
For a quick hand shandy

He'll wake with “an early riser”
Each and every morn
So he starts the day with a tug
On his “dawn horn”

He'll pull the pud after breakfast
Beat his meat before brunch
He'll knock one out at elevensies
And spank the monkey at lunch

After tea he chokes the chicken
In the shower he has a glop
Watching telly a knuckle shuffle
And in bed he'll bash the bishop

Such is a day in the life
Of a priapic youth and his issues
Who masturbates to excess
And gets through a lot of tissues

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved