Crossing Swords

Shared hotel bathrooms give rise to all sorts of mix-ups, misunderstanding and unusual encounters, but few as blunt as that recounted in Bathtime.


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I checked into a modest hotel for the night
It wasn’t very grand but the price was right
In itself was a pleasant enough little room
The only draw back being a shared bathroom
I walked half-naked into the shared facility
To find standing there a very attractive filly
I said this bath is mine without any preamble
She claimed it as hers in a rant and ramble
I corrected her and reiterated “this is my bath”
Her response to this was a hysterical laugh
As we continued arguing over its ownership
The bath filled and the lady started to strip
I followed suit until we stood naked together
And then we stood there admiring each other
“You have a figure that would raise the dead”
“And you have a very nice physique” she said
After a brief time I thought I’d try my luck 
“You really are very lovely do you fuck”?
She smiled and said yes and gave a little laugh
“Wow that’s great now fuck off this is my bath”

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved