Fight Night

A funny poem about the <irony>noble art of pugilism</irony>.


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Billy The Kid

The noble art of pugilism
It has often been called
Not all would agree
And some are just appalled
Young fighter Billy Owen
Was barely standing
After being pounded
For three rounds in the ring
It was so noisy you couldn’t
Hear the bell sound
The ring of the bell
To mark the end of the round
The battered and bloody
Boxer sat on his stool
If you’d seen him you’d
Agree the sport is cruel
The corner man took a look
And gave his view
“You’re doing OK kid
He’s not laid a glove on you”
The kid replied
“Then keep an eye on the referee”
“Because someone’s
Beating the crap out of me”

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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