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The sport of kings (horse racing) provides a fantastic spectacle which sees all life laid bare (sometimes literally).


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A Day At The Races

A skinny brunette with hair in pigtails
A busty blonde with a ponytail
Overweight lasses showing their bellies
Some eccentric sorts wearing green wellies

Women in shorts to small for their arse
Some dressed up showing some class
Several who’ve just crawled our of bed
Mutton dressed as lamb – enough said

White skinned redheads wearing no bra
Leggy birds show all getting out the car
Baggy combat trousered youngsters
Extremely skimpily dressed funsters

Mothers clad in coloured print dresses
Vixens and vamps and painted temptresses
Elderly folk wearing sensible shoes
Lads on the pull hunt in threes or twos

Middle aged man-eaters dressed to kill
Bold young stunners dressed to thrill
Schoolgirls dressed up to look thirty
Thirty something’s dressed to look dirty

Tuppenny tarts and fifty pound whores
Bored housewives fed up with the chores
Young professionals and people of note
People used to wearing ermine not stoat

Middle aged geezers who ate all the pies
The absent minded gaze wistfully up at the skies
The hooray henrys suited and booted
The Nuevo riche who’ve snorted and tooted

Spinster aunts with cheeks glowing
Half cut bimbos with tattoos showing
Hormones raging with alcohol and heat
Game young women viewed like meat

Girls of all ages wearing shorts and vests
Tops that barely cover their chests
Those who dress nicely for the party
Drink too much and still look tarty

Short skirted fillies showing all
Phone to their ear making endless calls
Stumbling about sucking on fags
Half drunk and acting like slags

From dawn till dusk they drink all day
Losing money and dignity along the way
Dressed in suits, beachwear or like clowns
A day out at the races on the Epsom downs

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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