Funny Poems about Sport 2

A second collection of funny poems about sport, this time covering sports as diverse as golf and football, tennis and body building, plus more football and more golf.


Female body building comes under the microscope in Paul's funny poem about this most unnatural of sports.

Anyone For Tennis # 1

A humorous poem about two of England's brightest tennis stars, Tim and Andy.

Anyone For Tennis # 2

An Englishman, a Scotsman and a Canadian wander onto a tennis court and the tennis-loving English claim all as their own, so long as...

Dipped Out

Paul's poem about skinny dipping has an autobiographical tone and a ring of truth.


A funny poem about football which can be enjoyed equally by football fans and football phobes,

Huntin’ Shootin’ And Tippin’

A rather strange poem about a rather strange pseudo-sport, which is included with the sports poems because Paul doesn't have a category for either animal poems or anti-social behaviour poems.

Better To Be Dead Than Red

The supports of Liverpool Football Club are the subject of ridicule in Paul's potentially litigious poem about the glorious game.

Subtle Difference

A second funny poem about golf, but this one is for people who understand the terminology, if not the intricacies, of golf.

It’s Not Over

More football related frivolity which focuses on that most hackneyed phase of the football pundit.

In The London Marathon

This will either disappoint or delight, but this is not a poem about marathon running.

The Character Of Golf

The opening lines of Paul's poem, The game of golf is character building, may bemuse those who have endured the mind-numbing monologues and false bonhomie that characterises golf clubs.