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Max is never shy of the controversial or offensive, but Why, God, Why? has a higher count of possible offendees than most of his poems. It's all collateral damage, unless you happen to be God.


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Why, God, Why?

If God is indeed all powerful and all knowing,
Why did he create the Orkney Isles or cut power when it’s snowing?
Why does he allow Big Brother or Richard and Judy,
White shell suits, text messages or the hoodie?

Why does God permit DC Thomson or Dundee, for that matter,
Haggis pizza, ready meals and instant pancake batter?
Why did God give brains to the human race when they clearly have no time for thought,
Why create the tree of knowledge since the apple hasn’t been consulted since it was so dearly bought?

Why, why oh why the internet, and giving voice to a million souls with nothing at all to say,
Why reality TV, MacDonald’s and Five A Day?
I’m sure that God is good for small animals and ducks,
It’s just that, for the rest of us, well, his judgment really sucks.

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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