Ice Cream Clashes

Ben and Jerry's is famous for it's ethical business practices and outrageous ice cream flavour combinations.


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The Ballad of Ben & Jerry

Marshmallow pizza and antelope pie, rhubarb and parmesan cheese,
Cookie dough, marshmallow, cookies and cream, strawberry, onions and peas,
These are ingredients in all our ice creams, tingle your taste buds with ice,
Octopus sorbet and mocking bird pie, delicious, capricious and nice.

We're Ben and we're Jerry, the icons of ice, lard-arses worship our shrine,
With pineapple melba and lobster dessert, bring all your friends here to dine,
For butter we're nutter, and cream we will scream, no flavours we will not mix,
Green avocado and peppermint rock, brandy and absinth for kicks.

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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