Techno Dinosaur

A rhyming rant about all the aspects of modern life that really annoy the poet. It's only suprising it's not longer.


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Modern Living

I think texting is quite vexing and I really hate i-Pads,
Kindle readers, fast-food feeders, gulping down the latest fads,
Take-out coffee, fake Banoffee, Starbucks mugs and Diet Coke,
On-line dating, roller skating, modern life is such a joke.
Neat tequila, cool Ikea, Twilight movies and 3-D,
Subway baking, sexual faking, toilets where you have pay to pee,
Tinned potatoes, bland tomatoes, frozen cakes and cup-a-soup,
Lott'ry rackets, multi-packets, Karaoke tribute groups.
Politicians, kid's magicians, smart hedge funds and pension plans,
Mormon missionaries, on-line dictionaries, four-wheel drives and sized-up vans,
Download singles, radio jingles, David Cameron and his ilk,
Devolution, revolution, Lucozade and Mars Bar milk,
Branded biscuits, quorn meat briskets, modern living kills my head,
Geeky boffins, wicker coffins, but never mind, we'll soon be dead.

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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