Beyond Parody

A funny festive poem set in the dealing room of a stockbrokers. Hardly the setting for a poem with an overtly Christian message.


Christmas Poetry


Christmas Funny Poems


While Brokers Watched Their Stock By Night

While brokers watched
Their stock by night
In the heart of London town
The angel of the Lord came down
And turned off the power
And turned off the power

While brokers looked
Into their blank monitors
Stop messing she was bade
There’s lots of money to be made
Turn on the bloody power
Turn on the bloody power

You seem to be missing
The true meaning of Christmas
The angel calmly explained
In the darkness of the exchange
They did not listen to her
They wanted only power

I am not here for god
I am hear at my own bidding
The angel was ranting and raving
You lost my bloody savings
When they told to her the risks
She fried them to a crisp

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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