Wedding Night Worries

A funny poem anticipating the wedding night antics of an octogenarian groom, which has a most satisfying twist in its tail.


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Tonight’s The Night

Jim Owen was talking with his best man Billy Wright
About his coming nuptials on his wedding night
Jim was all expectant about his coming night of bliss
And he was determined it was an night he would not miss
Jim was anticipating that his dreams would be fulfilled
Billy on the other hand was a little less than thrilled
He was a bit concerned that his friend might not survive
For Jim was eighty four and his bride was twenty five
Aren’t you just a little worried about the wedding night?
Billy asked but Jim assured him everything would be all right
But won’t the sex be dangerous do you think it’s really wise
Well I think it’s worth the risk mate but if she dies she dies

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved