What Floats Your Boat?

What Does It Take? asks what it takes in a woman to really light your fire, inflame your passion or perhaps, since we're clearly being inflammatory, cause your volcano to erupt.


Rude and dirty poetry


Dirty poems


What Does It Take?

Does it take the fuller figure?
To help you pull your trigger
Or is it those who kiss and tell
You require to ring your bell
Or does it take a total bitch
To really flick your switch
Perhaps its nurses on the ward
That actually pulls your cord
Is it lamb that’s really mutton?
You need to push your button
Must they wear the briefest thong?
To make you bang your gong
Ought they dress in something tight?
To really light your light
Must they act all prim and proper?
To help to pull your stopper
Must they wiggle when they walk?
To make you pop your cork
The truth is, unless I miss my guess
They need only answer yes

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved