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A blonde bimbette joke poem which is funny and dirty in equal measure.


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Viens A Moi

Bimbette and Peaches walk up to a perfume counter
And after a few moments browsing pick up a sampler
Bimbette sprays it on her wrist and then smells it
"What do you fink Peach That's quite a nice one init?”
Peaches then sniffed the perfume Bimbette had tried
"Yeah what's it called?" "Viens a moi" Bimbette replied
"Viens a moi! She said, “what the fuck does that mean?"
The assistant offered some help thinking they were keen
“Viens a moi” she offered “is French for “come to me”
Bimbette takes sniffs again and offers her arm to peachy
After a lengthy sniff "That doesn't smell like come to me”
Bimbette said, “Does it smell like come to you Peachy?"

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved