Days of Yore

A nostalgic poem about the telephone as an instrument of social intercourse.


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Bowes Park 1920

London’s north was once my home
Before the countrywide I’d roam
I dwelt in London’s north it’s true
In postal code N22
It’s forty years now since those days
And things have changed in many ways
Take Tele-com's for examples sake
No direct dial calls could we make
No mobile phones or call waiting
No answer phones or message paging
The best time then to speak with friends
Was After 6 and at weekends
Even numbers then were differ-ing
No eleven digit number-ing
Numbers then were much more classic
Though lines did have a lot more static
The phones were much more practical
And not some fashion article
And we Answered calls with more panache  
Not impolite nor curt nor brash
We’d Pick it up and say Hello?
Bowes park one nine two oh

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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