Punctured Pride

A funny poem about a patient who has a particular problem when he pees. Indeed, so peculiar is the problem that the GP prescribes a most unusual form of treatment.


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Gee Pee

An embarrassed young man visited his GP
As he had a problem when he went to pee
The man explained when he went to tinkle
That he tended in fact to rather sprinkle
On examination of the man’s instrument
The doctor realized what the man meant
He found holes all along the length of it
Which would certainly make it leak a bit
The man enquired if it would get better
The doctor just scribbled a referral letter
He asked “is it to a Harley Street specialist”
The doctor replied “no it’s to a clarinetist”
The man was stunned at the recommendation
And seeing him puzzled at his suggestion
The doctor said, “he specializes in beginners
And will tell you where to put your fingers”

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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