More Funny Poems About Health

More medical mayhem as Paul's funny poems explore the worlds of plastic surgery, irritable bowel syndrome, hypochondria and mental illness. We only need proctology for a full house.

Hospital Canteen

A funny twisted poem about goings on in a busy hospital canteen.

If It’s A Girl

The baby naming game is a world all of its own, as we discover from the increasingly outlandish suggestions in Paul's poem.


A comic poem about irritable bowel syndrome, which may sound slightly oxymoronic until you read Paul's amusing musings about mesothelioma.

Nip It In The Bud

A patient planning a face lift is somewhat discombobulated by the art in the plastic surgeon's waiting room.

Thank You Doctor

Discover an uncomfortable truth about the medical profession.

A Question Of Health

Falling somewhere between a questionnaire and a poem, A Question Of Health has an amusing twist on the subject of a healthy lifestyle.

Call Me Epping

Pure madness!

Poor Sam

A funny poem by Paul about hypochondria, which makes an interesting companion piece to The Sick Note, Patrick's poem about valetudinarianism.


More madness!

Hospital Dude

A funny poem about hospital staff which will send your punometer shooting off the scale.

Keep Fat

Weight loss regimes promise a pain free route to a slimmer, fitter, healthier body. Paul's poem presents a rather more painfully honest appraisal of the options.

It’s The Wrong Way Round

The use of plastic surgery is a touchy subject, but the proposal put forward in Paul's poem is much more radical (and shocking).