Age Before Beauty

A poem about a park bench encounter between a teenager and an elderly man. In the verbal jousting match that ensues, the old man is the undoubted victor.


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An old man was sitting on a bench
When something caught his view
He stared at a lad who sat next to him
The teenager had spiked hair in myriad hue
He just kept staring at the lad’s hair
It was coloured green, red, orange, and blue
The old man just kept staring at him
And the teenager lost his rag as they do

"What's the matter old man”?
He said loud enough for everyone
“You never done anything wild in your life”?
And waited for a reply when he’d done
The old man said without hesitation
Replying as quick as a bullet from a gun
"I got drunk once and had sex with a peacock
I was just wondering if you were my son"

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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