The Lazy Snail

A humorous poem with a serious warning to us readers (non-Americans may choose to capitalise the us) about the dangers of overeating. However, the faux fairytale opening seems to pass most people by.


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Eat, Drink and Be Messy

Once, upon a thyme leaf,
There lived a lazy snail.
Who munched and dozed,and dozed and munched,
On thyme he breakfasted and lunched,
And when it came to half past nine,
He chose once more to dine on thyme.

Later, upon the thyme leaf,
Was a rather plumper snail.
But, reader dear, his life was brief,
For this is no fairy tale

He ate more and more, and grew fatter and fatter
Until one day he exploded, bang, splat, splatter.
One minute he was there,
The next he'd gone.
The coroner's verdict
'A snail thyme bomb'.

Copyright © Patrick Winstanley. All Rights Reserved

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