Dressed Up To The Nines

A funny short-long poem about a night out on the town. Short-long poems are short in style, but long in actual number of lines.


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Long Ago In The Old Wild West

On The Town

Tuneless pub singers
Tired old swingers
Sad old slappers
Slow hand clappers
Come lately Johnnies
Candies and Ronnie’s
Funny pill poppers
Dressed up toppers
Sleazy night clubbers
Sailors and lubbers
Robbers and dippers
Inherent bad tippers
Bar room brawlers
Merry pub-crawlers
Giggling hen parties
Hail and hearties
Noisy stag nighters
Scrappers and fighters
Uni rag-weekers
Sure thing seekers
Familiar city sight
Every Saturday night

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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