More Dirty Poems

A second collection of dirty poems by contemporary English poet Paul Curtis. Topics covered include voyeurism, blow up dolls, frottaging and bestiality, but the poems are essentially funny poems about slightly unsavoury subjects, rather than full blown filth.

Tonight's The Night

A funny poem about the potential problems that a newly-wed octogenarian faces on his wedding night which reaches a bitter and twisted conclusion.

Women's Ads

A poem which will help you discover the secret messages buried beneath the surface of personal ads placed by women looking for love.

Men's Ads

A companion piece to the above, offering useful tips to help women decipher the cryptic messages hidden in men's personal ads. GSOH, 12"AC, GLAT, GWA .... Need one go on.

Down Patch

A poem in the form of a conversation between two dogs about their owners which takes place in a vet's waiting room. It sounds so sweet and innocent, and I only wish it were.

What Does It Take?

Masculine musings on what it takes to get one's juices flowing, metaphorically speaking.

Put Them On

Further forthright views on what it takes to titillate a member of the male sex.

Viens A Moi

One must warn that the poem contains one instance of the 'f word', which falls in the part of the poem which is charming and inoffensive compared with that which follows.


The fact that two of the characters depicted are dwarfs is perhaps the least offensive element of this poem.


A shaggy dog story and joke all rolled into a poem about penal servitude.

It's The Dogs

This funny poem may provide the answer as to why there is a general fascination with dog's dangly bits.

It’s The Dogs… Again

Or there may simply not be an answer.

Senior Moment At The Salon

There are slips of the tongue and slips of the tongue!

Little Boy Blue

I'm stumped, as I don't think there is a word in the English language to describe the strangely self-indulgent feat alluded to in this poem. Auto-fellation may be an appropriate neologism, or a little known German automotive innovation.


A funny joke-poem in which we return to a testicular theme.

Piccadilly Philly

A sartorial slip up leaves a young lady the centre of attention.